What Is the Difference Between Cloisonné and Soft Enamel Style Lapel Pins?

Posted by Signature Pins | October 14, 2010 at 12:51pm | Topic: Cloisonne Lapel Pins

Our customers frequently want to know what the differences are between cloisonné and soft enamel lapel pins. Without getting too technical, we decided to address this question via our blog.

Not only will this information serve as a guide when selecting what type of custom lapel pins to order, it also addresses the manufacturing process so that you know exactly what type of item that you are getting and how much time it will take to arrive to you.

Cloisonné Lapel Pins: How They Are Made and What They Are Used For

Here are the characteristics of cloisonné lapel pins. Keep in mind that:

  • Cloisonné style lapel pins are created when you take two bronze die-cut molds, one of the outline of your pin and a second of any cutouts, to create a product rich in style and detail.

  • Each color is individually hand-filled with a powdered glass-like substance and fired at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Before the lapel pins are packaged each lapel pins is individually hand polished to bring out the high luster of the colors. This process also helps the colors to hold fast and prevents them from bleeding or smudging.

  • The cloisonné style lapel pin has the highest perceived value of any lapel pin and is rated as jewelry quality.

  • This style lapel pin is a great style to use when you want to show high value for an employee, valued member of your organization or group, or to show your appreciation for a job well done.

Soft Enamel Pins: How They Are Made and What They Are Used For

Here are the characteristics of soft enamel lapel pins. Remember that:

  • Soft enamel style lapel pins are created when the mold is die struck and custom-tinted enamel colors are filled in the recessed areas one at a time by hand.

  • Each soft enamel pin is then fired at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • An optional epoxy coating can be applied as a preventive measure to keep the colors from fading and cracking. Some companies will call the soft enamel style with the additional epoxy dome a “soft enamel cloisonné,” however; this is just a term and does not accurately describe this style of lapel pin.

  • The soft enamel style lapel pin has a medium to high rating and they offer a dimensional style lapel pin with raised and recessed areas that allow for depth of your design.

  • They are recommended for years of service style lapel pins, tradeshows, and as a giveaway item for your organization.

Custom lapel pins can vary in size, shape, color, and appearance depending on your preference and the amount of detail that goes into your custom artwork. To discuss how we can address your needs by creating cloisonné or soft enamel pins to your liking, contact Signature Pins today.

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