Custom Promotional Lapel Pins For Monthly Events and Activities

Posted by Signature Pins | January 20, 2011 at 2:33pm | Topic: Club Lapel Pins

Does your group have an activity that it holds every month? Have you ever thought about using custom lapel pins to mark the event? If your answer is no, we think it is about time for you start.

One Event and Pin Design at a Time

You may think that there is no benefit to using custom pins because you host the same event each month, but we beg to differ. The fact that custom pins have unlimited design potential makes them ideal in situations like this.

The wide selection of design options that are available make it easy to customize pins to look and feel completely different month after month. You can alternate the lapel pins style between cloisonné, soft enamel, and die struck. By using different methods of color application like silk screen or offset printing, you can change how the artwork and images appear on the pin. Some other ways to revamp your lapel pin design is by changing its metal plating, size and shape.

Here is an example of a pin that we created for a YMCA Folks march group that does monthly walks around there local attractions. In this case they walked around Beaver Lake in New York near Syracuse. Check out some of the other fun events that this area offers at

Starting a Line of Collectibles

Tweaking or completely changing the pin design will add variety and give participants and supporters something else to look forward to. You could even switch from using lapel pins to challenge coins, embroidered patches and other custom products to add recognition and bring excitement to the event.

Being able to design or redesign your group lapel pins is the best aspect about using them. The frequency and similarity of your events will not change the benefit and value of pins. So, the next time you are organizing your group’s monthly, annual or semi-annual function, add custom lapel pins to the list of goods you will need.

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