Moving To the Beat With Custom Dance Club Lapel Pins

Posted by Signature Pins | January 14, 2011 at 10:51am | Topic: Club Pins

Do you want to promote your dance club but are not sure how to do it? Maybe it is time for you to consider using custom club pins. Being able to design them in any way that you want and at minimal cost, is what makes them the best choice, especially for dance troops that are on a tight budget.

Pins Help Teams Keep Their Rhythm

Dance showcases offer a great opportunity to pass out lapel pins. Participants who receive and wear lapel pins at events will appreciate the morale boost. Audience members who get lapel pins that include the dance club’s name, logo or team motto are more likely to remember and support them.

Competitions are another good place to get the most use out of customized team pins. They can be used as an ice-breaker or conversation piece between members of competing dance teams. Trading the pins is another fun and common activity that clubs share.

At large dance meets, custom lapel pins can be fun way to help identify other clubs’ members. Lapel pins designed with attention getting extras like blinking lights, sliders, bobble heads or danglers make it easier and more entertaining to distinguish one troop from another.

One Less Thing To Worry About

Custom lapel pins are a small, low cost, and easy way to increase your team’s popularity. Dance performances, competitions, and conventions are all events that present the perfect opportunity to do it. Now that you have found an inexpensive but effective way to promote your dance club, you can focus more on your dance club’s next event.

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