Coins Boxes Add a Sense of Value and Honor to Custom Challenge Coins

Posted by Signature Pins | March 4, 2011 at 11:27am | Topic: Challenge Coin Boxes

Most customers think that after you arrive at the perfect challenge coin design for your event or function that the process is complete. But what good does it really do to create a remarkable custom challenge coin if all you are going to do is present it in a plastic bag? After all of the effort that was put into creating the perfect challenge coin, why stop there? We highly recommend putting in some extra time to select the right presentation package.

A Quality Coin's Perfect Companion

Coin boxes are the ideal packaging choice for customized challenge coins. They are made with an inlay to accommodate the coin at its actual size which gives boxes added value. The inlay limits the coin’s movement during transport, ultimately protecting the challenge coin design from potential damages like scratches and chips.

Protecting and Mailing Customized Coins

With the added protection, coin boxes make shipping easier and less of a concern. They are shaped and sized perfectly for challenge coins while being small enough to be protectively wrapped and keep shipping costs minimal. If you are planning to spread your one-of-a-kind challenge coins around the world, you can do so in a cost efficient, practical, and safe way.

An Effortless Storage and Showcasing Idea

Once recipients receive their quality customized coins they will need a way to store and display them. As the designer of the challenge coin, you can take care of this for them by choosing coins boxes. Of the options that are available, including poly bags, which come standard with every order and custom card stock for classic presentation, coin boxes are the best. Not only will the boxes add a sense of value and honor to challenge coins, but also double as way of safeguarding and showing them off.

Boxes Offer Great Benefits

The benefits of adding coin boxes to your challenge coin order are just one aspect that makes them so appealing. The other aspect is that there are two kinds available. The first choice is an acrylic presentation box. The other is a velvet box. An acrylic box is a clear, square shaped plastic case that keeps coins protected and allows for easy visibility. The velvet case is very similar to that of a small jewelry case, solid black in color, and must be opened in order for the coin to be seen. Regardless of the challenge coin’s purpose, either of these choices is better than none at all.

So the next time you place your custom challenge coin order, remember to consider your packaging options. Coin boxes offer a custom fit, added protection, are great for shipping, perfect for storage, and display purposes.

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