Medical Lapel Pins Offer Identification in Large Hospitals and Medical Centers

Posted by Signature Pins | March 25, 2011 at 5:00am | Topic: Custom Lapel Pins

Medical professionals have their work cut out for them. If the job itself wasn't enough to keep them busy, traveling from one wing of the hospital or medical center to the next definitely has them occupied. It isn't unusual for larger facilities to create custom lapel pins as a way of identifying doctors, nurses, lab techs, and other medical personnel. These small tokens of appreciation often include details about the employee's role and department.

Bringing Attention to Different Wings or Departments

Different wings or departments throughout the hospital have lapel pins created for identification purposes. This allows them to travel throughout the facility freely while still maintaining their affiliation with their particular specialty. For example, pediatricians can have their pins feature a photo or image or a baby or a child while oncologists can wear pink ribbon lapel pins in support of breast cancer survivors and research.

Distinguishing Employees and Workers From Patients and Family Members

Custom lapel pins help distinguish employees and workers in the facility from patients and family members. When dressed in street clothes, it can be very hard to identify which people are working and which ones are not. Wearing a custom pin on an article of clothing makes it easy for visitors to know who to go to in the event that they have a question or concern.

Dressing Up Lab Coats

As a type of accessory, lapel pins can dress up lab coats and make them more personal. Hospital and medical center uniforms tend to be very plain and standard. By creating lapel pins for your staff, you are letting others know just how unique and special they are. This can work to your advantage because your staff can choose to wear the pins outside of their working hours. This gives you healthcare facility even more exposure.

Honoring Exceptional Efforts

In addition to identifying staff and doctors, custom lapel pins can also reward exceptional efforts. Individuals with high standards and proven track records of care can receive special lapel pins to wear on their clothing. This allows other in the hospital or medical center to share the staff member's victory.

Medical lapel pins are long lasting and memorable. They have the ability to distinguish one employee from the next as well commemorate exemplary employees. Available in any size, shape, color, and style that you have in mind, ordering them for your staff is as easy as calling Signature Pins at 1-800-480-6822.

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