Custom Lanyards Help Welcome in a New School Year

Posted by Signature Pins | August 8, 2011 at 11:52am | Topic: Badge Holder Attachment

With the new school year fast approaching, administrators around the country are getting prepared to tackle student needs. At campuses small and large, custom lanyards are making their debut. Used for identification purposes, these lightweight accessories often come with a badge holder attachment which helps the pupil store and display their personal identification.

From driver’s licenses to student IDs, custom lanyards remain popular with people of all ages because they are easy-to-wear, colorful, and imprinted with some sort of image and text. Instead of having to carry these items in a pocket or a purse, the student can place the lanyard over his or her head and be ready to walk out the front door in the morning. This eliminates any confusion administration might have as to which individuals belong in the school at any given time.

This creates a safe environment for students and faculty members. Being able to identify one another based on a lanyard and clear pocketed badge holder attachment makes all of the difference. Having these items in plain view makes it easier to maintain a visual record of what is going on at the school at any given time. One flash of an ID can really make a difference in how things operate during the school year.

Custom lanyards can be created in different colors to help differentiate students, faculty, and volunteers. By simply stating that they would like to use the same design but create two or three different colors of lanyards, schools are able to take advantage of savings. They receive discounts whenever they order certain amounts of lanyards for their students and staff.

School mascots and other types of logos make great images to include in your school’s unique custom lanyard design. You can also dictate what size and type of font that is incorporated into the design. Once these items are perfect and look the way that you specified, we begin the manufacturing process. This allows us to get your school’s lanyards to you as fast as we can.

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