Creating Custom Patches From a Navy Crest

Posted by Signature Pins | November 1, 2011 at 2:48pm | Topic: Custom Embroidered Patches

Patches are versatile and loved by members of the military as well as other governmental agencies. The reason behind this has to do with their custom nature and ability to be displayed prominently on uniforms and other articles of clothing. An elegantly done patch makes a bold statement for years. It can help identify a group or military unit and serves as a reminder of the time spent in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.

Creating Patches That Can Be Worn on Military Uniforms

We took the military crest sent to us from the USS Chung Hoon and we created it into a patch that the crew can wear. The end result was a patch that the customer could be really proud of. That’s the beauty behind custom products. They are designed in a way that makes them unique and personal.

Different Styles of Custom Patches to Choose From

There are a number of different styles of custom patches to choose from. Here is what we offer to our customers:

  • 50% Embroidery

  • 75% Embroidery

  • 100% Embroidery

Edge options include Heat Cut Edge or a Merrowed Edge.

Custom Patches Backing Options

Patches are easy to wear on the sleeves of uniforms or flight jackets. You can opt to sew it onto the article of clothing or order it with a Velcro backing for easy removal. We offer a number of different choices so that your patches fit your needs. Here are some of the other options that we offer through our website:

  • No Backing

  • PVC Backing

  • Iron On Backing

  • Peel & Stick Backing

  • Velcro Backing

  • Tuxedo Clip Attachment

  • Safety Pin Attachment

Signature Pins offers you choices when it comes to your embroidered patch needs. Visit, email or call 1-800-480-6822 toll-free. Using your design ideas, we can come up with patches for your military unit.

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