Show Your Sponsorship with Custom Golf Tournament Lapel Pins

Posted by Signature Pins | November 28, 2011 at 3:00pm | Topic: Custom Lapel Pins

If you’re a business owner looking for new and exciting ways to advertise, one of the most effective methods made available to you is community involvement. One of the ways that you can do just that is by sponsoring an annual golf tournament and encouraging your employees to participate. Not only does the event serve as a healthy competition and opportunity to display your staff’s athleticism, it also paints a favorable picture of you as a company.

Increase Employee Satisfaction with Special Events

You can step up your marketing efforts by inviting members in your community as well as their families to take part in the special event. Not only does this provide an afternoon of free entertainment for spectators, it also shows your employees how much you care about them as their employer. This can lead to greater satisfaction in the workplace which improves its culture. Happy employees go the extra mile to make sure that the jobs that they do are perfectly executed. They are also absent less, more aware of safety concerns, and more likely to stay with you throughout the years.

Building Your Reputation with Custom Lapel Pins

People appreciate employers that go the extra mile for their employees. Customers are drawn to businesses that treat their workers with respect and kindness. By offering a special event outside of working hours for your employees, you are building a great reputation for yourself and the business that you spent so much time developing. This helps other take a vested interest in you and the products and services that you offer. Small acts like these can add to the success of your business by increasing your customer base and profit margin.

Extend Your Message to Others in the Community with Branding

Custom lapel pins featuring your logo help extend your message to others in the community. This can be very beneficial for you as a business owner because it can help you earn the trust of new customers. When they see your employees wearing a lapel pin, they will immediately associate them with your company and the type of services and products that they offer. Brand recognition is a very effective way to appeal to others who may have not otherwise heard of you as a business.

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