County Fair Lapel Pins Give Communities Something to Look Forward To

Posted by Signature Pins | February 6, 2012 at 7:51pm | Topic: County Fair Lapel Pins

County fairs are notoriously fun. People from surrounding cities gather once a year to take advantage of all the food, rides, and exhibits a fair has to offer. In addition to creating long lasting memories, county fairs also help generate income for counties because they are well received by the public. They usually have impressive records of attendance.

Sell Pins to Fairgoers

You can create a lapel pin for the public to purchase that represents your county fair. These items can take the place of paper attendance tickets and wristbands. Not only are lapel pins more attractive, they also create less waste. This allows communities to be green and also keep costs down.

Create Special Lapel Pins for Exhibitors and Board Members

Exhibitors and Board Members can wear a lapel pin representing the fair or area projects. Anyone wanting to display their handmade wares or show off their prized livestock can wear a pin that identifies them as a participant at the fair. Ribbon winners can also take home prizes like a lapel pin stating whether they won First, Second, Third Place or Honorable Mention.

Visit Osceola County in February for Fun Fair Memories

Check out for information on their fair from 02/10/12 - 02/19/12. If you’re visiting Florida during that time period, you’ll definitely want to experience the fun in Kissimmee.

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