Inside the Designer's Mind by Sakia, An Artist at Signature Pins

Posted by Signature Pins | February 1, 2012 at 4:40pm | Topic: Custom Lapel Pins

At Signature Pins, we have highly skilled artists that work on making customized pins just for you! One principle our artists keep in mind when creating artwork for you is the basic rules of design: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity.


Contrast simply means difference. It is what you notice, and what gives design its energy.


The principle of repetition simply means reusing the same or similar elements. It brings a sense of unity, consistency, and cohesiveness to the design.


Alignment deals with the placement of elements. Its objective is for every element to be connected visually and not randomly scattered. This helps make the design visually attractive and professional looking.


Last of all, proximity is about moving things closer or farther apart to achieve a more organized look. Simply, it is grouping similar items together for visual impact and organization. Spatially, it is important to pay attention to proximity when creating artwork for a lapel pin design.

When putting together a complex design, artists like Sakia abide by these rules. This helps her achieve everything she sets out to do creatively when given a lapel pin idea or concept to design. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be inside the mind of a designer, this blog will be of interest to you.

Creating attractive artwork featuring your idea or concept is our specialty. See what Sakia and the rest of the Signature Pins graphic design team can do for you. Visit today. You can also direct your questions and inquiries to our email at or call 1-800-480-6822 toll-free.

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