Large Back Patches for Your Special Event or Group

Posted by Signature Pins | February 13, 2012 at 6:04pm | Topic: Custom Patches

Custom patches make a bold statement. In fact, larger back patches are used by clubs and organizations in a variety of ways. In addition to identifying members and bringing recognition to the group, many are designed to promote special events like rallies, conventions and fundraisers.

In addition to being unique and memorable, back patches are fully customizable. We offer up to 12” round design for the back of a jacket or sweatshirt. These patches can then be sewed, ironed-on or attached to the garment with Velcro. We offer different styles of backings to fit your needs. If you plan on using the patches on more than one garment, you will definitely appreciate being able to remove them and reapply them easily.

Custom patches can have an insignia or emblem on them. This makes it easy for others to spot your members in a crowd. It’s also a great way to communicate a message to the public. Whether your patches advertise an upcoming event or pay tribute to a fallen hero, one thing is certain. People will take notice.

Patches are quality pieces that wear well throughout many years of use. They are made from durable materials which makes them ideal for frequent wear. You can rest assured that your order of custom back patches will last a really long time. In fact, you can transfer your back patches easily from one article of clothing to the next which makes them an economical choice for your club or organization.

Transform your club member’s wardrobe by ordering custom back patches for your next event. Not only will they help promote your rally, conference or fundraiser, they also will help others recognize your group while out in a crowd. This is a great way to get others involved as either a new member, a donor or a volunteer.

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