Teamwork: What Can You Do to Promote Teamwork at Your Place of Business?

Posted by Signature Pins | February 23, 2012 at 4:11pm | Topic: Custom Lapel Pins

Teamwork is a trait that companies value. Sometimes something as simple as a lapel pin can go a long way in reminding your employees to work together as well as the rewards of teamwork. Businesses of all sizes turn to recognition programs to accelerate their success. They believe that happy employees make happy customers. That’s why they create custom recognition award lapel pins for their workers as a way to promote teamwork and leadership. The small tokens of appreciation mean a lot to their recipients.

Employee recognition award programs have their perks. Not only are workers more productive and better leaders when they are valued, they are also absent less and more aware of safety issues. This leads to a healthy and positive work environment for all those involved. Something as small as a recognition award lapel pin is enough to get employees moving, setting personal goals, and offering help and assistance to others no matter what task they’ve been assigned to.

Custom lapel pins are great motivators because of their attractive appearance and long lasting appeal. Employees can wear the pins on a lanyard or article of clothing in a place where others will see them. They can receive different honors throughout their time with one employer which helps them to become great leaders. People will look up to them because of their track record with the company and strive to achieve the same kinds of tasks so that they can have their very own recognition awards. They’ll be more likely to stay late and pitch in so that the company can reach all of its goals.

Employee recognition award pins can be created several different ways. They can be soft enamel, cloisonee, die struck or offset printed. They can be a standard shape or cut-to-shape for distinction. Many employers have a tiered award program so they like to use simulated gemstones to differentiate between accomplishments. For example, someone that has been with the company for fifty years receives a lapel pin with a simulated diamond in it while someone that has been with the company for twenty years receives one with a simulated ruby in it. This keeps employees working together to remain motivated year after year.

Custom lapel pins are the type of recognition award that never goes out of style. People of all ages enjoying wearing pins and showing others the type of achievements they are capable of. Transform your work environment today. Visit for inspiration. Your employee recognition award pins are only a phone call or email away.

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