Hospice Lapel Pins Show the Caring Nature of Nurses

Posted by Signature Pins | March 21, 2012 at 11:21am | Topic: Custom Lapel Pins

Hospice nurses are very special people. They nurture and care for people during their last days of life. They provide comfort for the friends and family of their patients. Their selflessness is apparent because they give 110% of themselves to the people that they work for.

Companies that perform hospice care services love to show appreciation for their nurses. That’s why they contact us with requests for custom lapel pins. Using their design ideas, we create quality, attractive lapel pins that are rich in detail and personal in nature. This gives the hospice nurse something he or she can be proud of.

It isn’t unusual to see a nurse wearing his or her hospice lapel pins on a uniform top or jacket. This allows others to see their achievements. It also gives them a sense of pride when they go to work because they see that upper management recognizes their dedication and strengths and want them to be successful.

If you incorporate an employee recognition award program in your company, you’ll be able to hand out lapel pins in one of two ways. You can give them out on a special occasion like National Nurse’s Week or to reward years of service. If you choose to recognized the amount of time a hospice nurse has spent with your company, you can elect to have simulated gemstones to your pins. This allows you to differentiate between the different levels of achievement easily and affordably.

Honor the nurses in your company with custom lapel pins. You’ll boost their morale and increase the happiness of your patients and their families because they’ll see how qualified your staff is at providing excellent care. Visit http://www.signaturepins.com today to see what styles of lapel pins are available for purchase. You can direct your questions and inquiries to info@signaturepins.com.

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