What Makes Custom Lanyards Perfect for Summer Youth Programs?

Posted by Signature Pins | June 4, 2012 at 4:56pm | Topic: Custom Lanyards

Do you know what makes custom lanyards the perfect giveaway item at your summer youth program? The answer is many things! In addition to being durable (which is important if you want them to last), they’re colorful and attractive. The kids in your program will love having something exciting and fun to take home with them. In fact, don’t be surprised to learn that many wear their custom lanyards throughout the school year.

Custom lanyards also make it easy to identify participants in your youth program. With a simple badge holder attachment, the children can walk around with ID cards or name tags where you can see them. This will make it easier to get to know each young person’s name at the beginning of summer. It will also give staff members something to look for when taking a group out on a field trip. Aside from a head count, they can visibly see the lanyard and know that the child is part of their youth program.

Lanyards are great for identifying staff members and volunteers as well. You can opt to have two different colors of custom lanyards created for this purpose. The children can be given one color of lanyard to wear and the adults can be given another. Many youth programs opt to do this so they can avoid confusion when taking trips.

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