Custom Cufflinks: Celebrating a Sense of Community With Style

Posted by Patrick Moyer | Friday August 2nd, 2019 | Topic: Products

Changing Up Your Regular Lapel Pin Order

Here at Signature Pins, we make more than just lapel pins. We have the ability to handcraft custom designs for just about any custom product you need. When it comes to cufflinks, the design and production process is almost identical to that of custom lapel pins with the only difference being the attachment option added to the back of the design. 

Like many of the lapel pins we help design, personalized cufflinks are perfect for embellishing black tie attire and celebrating one’s membership to certain groups and teams. They’ve become extremely popular within all kinds of different organizations in public services like police and fire departments, in businesses large and small, and even in local clubs and charities. 

We were recently contacted by a member of a very famous fraternal club, the Freemasons, who was looking for a special cufflink design to go with his organization’s lapel pins, and we were more than happy to help.

Creating a Traditional Cufflink Design for the Modern Freemasons

Jeffrey Spann was recently elected to the position of Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Freemasons' Prince Hall Grand Lodge of New Jersey, and to celebrate the occasion, he and his Lodge commissioned matching cufflinks and lapel pins. While the compass and square emblem flanked by two pillars is incredibly well known, not many people know exactly what the organization is all about.


Describing the Prince Hall Masonic organization in his own words, Spann said, “We are an organization that is full of charity.” The Freemasons are an international fraternal organization focused on religion and giving back to the community through charitable works, donations and fundraising. Not only will these cufflinks and pins be worn by members, but they’ll also be offered for sale at events and fundraisers to help raise money for charitable programs within the organization.

“This month, we had our scholarship program, and during that scholarship program we gave away upwards of $50,000,” said Spann. “And that was just this month. And the things we do with the pins (and cufflinks); it helps."

In his new position within the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, Spann is now in charge of over 40 different Freemason Prince Hall Lodges across the entire state. His goals are to increase the charitable works of the organization, to continue sharing their message and to bring all of the current members even closer together.

When asked about the design, Spann said, “I chose that bible scripture, Proverbs 12:18 ‘The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing,’ and as the head of this organization … you have to somehow find a balance to bring people together and become a little more harmonious.” The design of these cufflinks was chosen to reflect his goals during his term of service, focusing on teamwork and bringing the lodges together. 


As more and more members are awarded these special pins and cufflinks, they will all become even more unified. Even if they’re just a simple embellishment on a member’s best coat and tie, the design still represents how everyone at the Grand Hall stands together, working towards the same goals.

Crafting Custom Cufflink Designs For Any Occasion

Cufflinks are designed to work with french cuffs and therefore are usually associated with more formal occasions that call for black tie attire. However, it’s not only the Freemasons who order custom cufflinks. We’ve created special designs for the Class A uniforms of police and firefighters, and everything from retailers to small businesses are getting in on the action as well.


Companies like Port City Brewing and Sephora are proving that cufflinks are perfectly suitable for more casual settings as well as more formal occasions. But even the more modern designs we help create have the same sense of community and fellowship as the old school Freemason designs. At the end of the day, creating custom products like these is all about celebrating a sense of shared identity and understanding within a group. And having a few different pairs of cufflinks to spice up your look is always fun as well.  

If you’re thinking about changing up your regular lapel pin order, consider how a set of custom cufflinks could shake things up on your team. They’re perfect as memorable and meaningful gifts and are anything but ordinary.

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