Whether Medallion, Medal or Medalet we have you Covered

A medallion is usually a large medal which may be produced as a work of art, a souvenir or as a commemorative object. A medallion can be round, square, or custom shaped objects of metal that are engraved or stamped with a logo, portrait, military insignia, or other artistic rendering. A medallion can have your design on one side, or both sides and they can be solid metal color on both sides or have a color fill on one side and a metal design on the other. A medallion can be worn on a ribbon, chain or as an attachment to other items.

Some uses for medallions can be as a reward for a job well done. Medallions are a nice way to recognize 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for military, academic or sporting events. We will custom design your medallion in gold, silver and bronze or copper to signify the various levels of achievement. Medallions or medals may also be used to commemorate events or individuals. Your choices and designs are unlimited. Let our talented designers help create a medallion or medal that will show pride for your event or organization today!


Medallion Mold Fees


Medallion Plating Fees

Antique GoldAntique SilverAntique Copper
$0.60 Each$0.35 Each$0.30 Each

Medallion Upgrade Options

3D ImagesEpoxy DomeDual PlatingPrinted ImageSilk ScreenCut Outs
Basic $50.00
Complex $100 +
$0.40 per side$0.75 per piece$100 per image$19 per color$0.10 per cutout