What is an Epoxy Dome

Rush prints or Offset Printed Pins with epoxy dome - Signature Pins

Have you ever looked at our website and saw an “epoxy dome” referenced but weren’t sure what it was? Well, you’re not alone. Many people are unaware of what this option does for their products.

An epoxy dome is a clear plastic coating that can be added to soft enamel, photo etched, silkscreen, and off set printed style lapel pins and challenge coins. By adding this item to a product, it provides a lustrous shine and protects your design from damage.

For soft enamel style lapel pins and challenge coins, it is an option or personal preference if you would like it applied or not.
Printed style epoxy dome lapel pin

How they May help

Silk screen paint and off set printed designs can fade or scratch overtime, the epoxy dome acts as a barrier by preventing the design from being scraped off.

Like many of our other services, we provide epoxy domes at no additional charge which gives you plenty of reasons to consider adding them to your order.

A phone call or visit to our website can help answer any further questions you might have about the advantages of adding an epoxy dome to your custom lapel pin or challenge coin design.